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Today's top-end combines are at the limits in terms of width and height, but not length - an area that Massey Ferguson is clearly looking to exploit.



Providing a glimpse of what big combines could look like in 2030, this futuristic design comes from Coventry University student Henry George Parnell.

Supporting a massive 60ft (18.29m) header and offering a whopping 11.4sq m of threshing area, it has a target weight of 22t. Power comes from a 700hp engine and all eight wheels also have their own 65hp electric motors.

The 18,000-litre grain tank is located behind the articulation point. Hydraulic rams will allow operators looking for even more capacity to push out the sides by a metre. The tank then holds 24,000 litres.

Four axles help to spread the load and even though it is 12m long, the combine can still be legally driven on the road.

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